Presentations at External Conferences




          Oral Presentations by:

          Domenica D’EliaThe ML4Microbiome COST Action: aims & state-of-the-art report

          Leo Lahti  – Open data science in microbiome research

          Enrique Carrillo – Machine Learning & Microbiome for Precision Nutrition

          Isabel Moreno – ML4microbiome for the advance of precision medicine: what Biomedicine expects from us

          Eleni PapakonstantinouMicrobiome analysis in precision agriculture

          Four Oral Presentations by Domenica D’Elia, Ilze Elbere, Eliana Ibrahimi, Magali Berland available on the         

           workshop webpage 

         Oral Presentation by Leo Lathi – Microbiome data science in the SummarizedExperiment universe

          ML4Microbiome Poster presentation by Marcus Claesson: pdf

          Oral presentation by Leo Lathi: Taxonomic Signatures of Long-Term Mortality Risk in Human Gut Microbiome

          Oral presentation by Isabel Moreno-Indias: Past, present and future of Gut Microbiota in Metabolic diseases

         Oral presentation by Isabel Moreno-Indias: Special diets to microbiota modulation


         ML4Microbiome oral presentation by Tatjana Loncar Turukalo: pdf & YouTube Video Recording

Target audience: The conference attracted researchers in Bioinformatics from all over the world (more than 140 attendants), among which the majority were ECRs. EMBnet – The Global Bioinformatics Network is a worldwide organisation that brings bioinformatics professionals together to serve, support and sustain the growing field of Bioinformatics in the Biological and Biomedical research domains since 1989. Members are Research Institutes, Organisations and individual members working together on cutting-edge bioinformatics topics and devoted to education & training in Bioinformatics.

          ML4Microbiome oral presentation by Domenica D’Elia: pdf and YouTube Video Reconding

Target audience: Teachers and Trainers in Bioinformatics from all over the world. GOBLET – The GLOBAL Organization for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training is a worldwide organisation composed of research institutes, organisations and individual members devoted to education & training in Bioinformatics since 2012. YouTube PlayList

          ML4Microbiome oral presentation by Marcus Claesson: pdf

Target audience: Central and Eastern European scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers and citizens. The EOSF in Trieste also had more specific goals: to strengthen a scientific and technological network among the Central Eastern European countries, the existing Trieste Science System, and the rest of Europe and to integrate and connect this network within the Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asia.