ONLINE WORKSHOP – 15 October 2021 | 12:00-16:00 (CEST)


ML4Microbiome COST Action is pleased to announce the Workshop on Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques for Microbiome Data Analysis, which will be held virtually on October 15th, 2021, as part of the EMBnet & GOBLET Annual General Meeting  2021.


The bacteria living in and on us, over 100 trillion, are essential for human development, immunity and nutrition. Worldwide research initiatives are focused on human microbiome mapping, increasing the accessibility to large microbiome datasets. As a result, statistical and machine learning techniques to solve microbiome data analysis problems are in high demand. This workshop aims to introduce the audience to the main concepts of study design and statistical/machine learning techniques used in human microbiome studies. This event also fosters connections between discovery-oriented microbiome researchers and statistical\machine learning experts inside and outside the ML4Microbiome COST Action.




12:00 – 12:15   Welcome & Introduction

                                 Domenica D’Elia, CNR-Institute for Biomedical Technologies, Bari, Italy


12:15 – 13:30   Overview of the microbiome data

                                 Dr Ilze Elbere, Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre, Latvia


13:30 – 14:45   Statistical analysis of the microbiome data with R

                                 Dr Eliana Ibrahimi, Department of Biology, University of Tirana, Albania


14:45 – 16:00   How Artificial Intelligence is enhancing human microbiome research

                                  Dr Magali Berland, MetaGenoPolis, French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment,



Lectures will introduce the audience to the main concepts of each topic. At the end of each Lecture, there will be a space of 15 minutes for Q&A and discussion followed by practical examples consisting of the application of statistical and machine learning methods on selected datasets.



The registration is free but necessary for organisational purposes.

Registration is open up to October 8th.

To register use the form available here. Zoom connection details to access the Symposium room will be sent before the event starts to registered people.

Registration to also other events planned in the week 11-15 October 2021 is possible using the same form. For more details on all the events planned look at

We are looking forward to meeting you soon.



Eliana Ibrahimi:
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