Third ML4Microbiome Management Committee Meeting – 25 October 2021 – 09:00/12:30 CEST

The meeting was held online using the Zoom platform.

Country members present 17. Full documentation, including Minutes, is available for members in the ML4Microbiome GD folder dedicated to the meeting. To access the GD folder, please, contact Domenica D’Elia. The pdf presentation files can be accessed by clicking on the link provided in the agenda below.



09.00   Chair – Marcus Claesson: Welcome to participants

09.10    Verification of quorum (presence of two-thirds of the participating COST Countries)

09.15    Vice-chair – Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen: Status of Action (member statistics, etc.) & Action budget status

09.40    STSM Coordinator – Tatjana Turukalo: Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) review


MoU objectives: progress report of working groups

10.00    WG1 Report: Jaak Truu & Kanita Karaduzovic-Hadziabdic

10.20    WG2 Report: Leo Lahti & Blaz Stres

10.40    Virtual coffee break

11.00    WG3 Report: Magali Bertland, Michelangelo Ceci & Sonia Tarazona

11.20    WG4 Report: Domenica D’Elia & Aldert Zomer

11.40    COST Science Officer – Federica Ortelli: Update from the COST Association

11.50    Future meetings (when & where)

12.10    Vote to include Near Neighbour Country – Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

12.15    A. O. B.

12.20   Summary of MC decisions

12.25   Closing